Why do we stay where we do?

There are so many options available for caravaners in this country these days and we tend to use all of them.

Why do we go to Caravan Parks?

Level sites, power, washing machines, lawns and gardens. A pleasant park can be perfect for a long carefree break.

With a spot like this of course you’ll relax and enjoy the facilities. Rollingstone, Qld

Why do we choose Freedom Camps?

Nature, adventure, price and if you choose the right one, they too can offer the perfect restful long break.

Here’s a peaceful overnighter at Mystery Bay, NSW

Why do we choose Farm Stays?

Insight, education and meeting the farmers. You will always remember the farm stays because no two will be the same.

When the farmer takes you out to see a sugar cane burn…well you won’t get that in a 5 star hotel. Burdekin Cane Farm, Qld

What about Showgrounds?

Price and proximity to town, everything we seniors need without the frills and jumping castles. Showgrounds are great for big rigs as there are usually no limitations on site space. An added bonus too, is if there is another function on like Poultry judging. You can’t go past a good looking chook now can you?

There’s always something of interest at the showgrounds. Kingaroy, Qld

Why National Parks?

Big ticket sights, nature, scenery, wildlife. There are so many breathtaking National Parks, all are well maintained and picture perfect although prices will vary enormously from state to state. ‘National’ is a bit of a misnomer as although they don’t allow dogs like State Parks they are under some form of state administration.

Boxing lessons, right outside our vans. Gillards Beach, Mimosa Rocks NP, NSW

How about Rest Areas?

When you’re midway across the Nullarbor or hundreds of kilometres from the nearest roadhouse nothing can be more appealing than a level gravel pit or parking bay that just a little away from traffic noise. Be prepared for the odd curious cow or roo too.

We didn’t even hear the trucks. Barradale Rest Area, Yannarie, WA

Why Pub Stays?

Some towns rely on their pub. It’s a place for the footy team to meet and the Fire Brigade to kick back. If it wasn’t for the pub the town would die. Some pubs, like the Toompine Hotel have lost their town and only the pub soldiers on. You’ll always get a good meal and it’s a place to meet the locals. Like Farm Stays, you’ll never forget your Pub Stays either.

It’s not every night that you’re ushered to your table by a bovine staff member. Toompine Pub, Qld


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