A Summer Strummer

Feb 2020, Rosebud, Vic

I met a chap at ukulele group the other day. He’d only recently bought a little uke and was really enjoying the local ukulele groups at Dromana and Rosebud. He said that he now had to find a club near his home and when I asked, he said that he spends his summers camping on the Rye foreshore. Which is part of the area that I wrote about a while back in ‘The Rosebud Foreshore’. Now this guy had to be around 70 and he said that his family had been camping on the exact same site since 1956! See, I told it was a wonderful place to camp.

Swans at low tide Rosebud
Instead of a pic of 80 oldies strumming here’s a phone pic of swans preening in the Rosebud shallows at low tide, much more peaceful.

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