You’ve gotta be pulling my leg!

Feb 2020, Colac, Vic

It’s overcast but a pleasant 22 with a slight breeze coming off Lake Colac as we set up. The Meredith Park camp is busy with about 30 campers, some a little rugged. We don’t care, we just need some sleep.

Later we’re sitting in the sun reading when mates S & N roll up. We have a lovely afternoon hearing about their recent adventures while their dog Dougal shows off his ‘High Five’ trick wowing a neighbouring camper. There is a nice sunset over the lake which we learn is not a crater lake like most in this area but the largest natural lake in Victoria.

We hit the pillows about 8:30 exhausted and out of tune with life on the road. As I drift off I can’t help but think how peaceful this is just listening to the whisper of the wind in the trees.

Next day we rise early and hit the road leaving our mates to have a sleep in.

That evening we have a chatty happy hour in the caravan park camp kitchen and S & N ask us if we were woken by the police last night. We look blank, we had slept like logs. Apparently, a drunken fight had broken out in the camp, bones were broken, the police were called and the injured guy taken to hospital in an ambulance. We were oblivious.

Meredith Park on Lake Colac, Vic
Sunset over Lake Colac, Vic

7 thoughts on “You’ve gotta be pulling my leg!

  1. Oh we’ve camped here years ago and had a great time. We had a huge area all to ourselves near the rocks. It was only when we left that we realised we’d camped in a ‘no camping’ area. Oops 😂


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