The Empty Esky Tour, Day 20 – Towong

Day 20 Wednesday 11/3/20 Towong Flat, Warm 29

The boys run into town early to get water and supplies for tonight’s burger night. We have another deliciously lazy day in the sun. I spend the morning the sketching the farm across the road. It’s bliss. Woody takes a walk along the river and has to return quietly after he stumbles across a couple enjoying a private moment on the riverbank.


Veewee arrives exhausted after a long drive, her poodle co-pilot is a bundle of energy. El Prado cooks the burgers on the barbie and we sit chatting until dark.

“I don’t give a shit about toilet paper!” says Madam Secretary.

Yes, even in this backwater folks are stocking up on toilet paper.

Bridge at Towong Flat, NSW


Accom: $0

Utilities: Nil to speak of

Fuel: $0

Towing Kms: 0Kms

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