The Empty Esky Tour, Day 24 – Colac Colac

Day 24 Sunday 15/3/20 Colac Colac, sunny 6 – 25

A cold double doona night followed by an equally cold morning with the humming of diesel heaters.

Mid morning we pop into town to visit Jack Riley’s grave and the local museum. Jack Riley? For those unfamiliar with the Banjo Paterson poem, Jack Riley was the legendary horseman in the poem The Man from Snowy River and he is buried in the Corryong cemetery. The museum is well worth a visit for many intriguing things but the one that caught my eye was the collection of snow skis which would have once been a necessity rather than a sport.

Jack Riley’s grave, Corryong, Vic

And speaking of necessities, we buy a few things at the IGA supermarket, it is busy. They have run out of toilet rolls but otherwise have plenty of supplies. Being tourists, we are embarrassed to buy too much even though the original aim of this trip was to spend money in the area. The daily newspapers are telling us to buy two weeks supply of groceries and two months supply of medicines, we’ll just have to think about that.

Back at camp and slowly packing up El Prado has problems retracting his awning and Toothless fixes a shower head this time.

The blind leading the blind
The blind leading the blind under the blind. Woody and El Prado working on the awning.

Veewee makes an executive decision to call an early happy hour. Toothless lights a superb fire and we gather once more to discuss the problems of the world, of which there are far too many to comprehend. It is a warm evening and we cook Satay Pork with Hokkien Noodles.

The paddock next door at Colac Colac, Vic



Accom $28.50 (stay 4 pay 3 deal)

Utilities: power, water, showers, toilets

Fuel: $0

Towing Kms: 0kms

4 thoughts on “The Empty Esky Tour, Day 24 – Colac Colac

    1. I’ll explain soon about Jack Riley. Now the doonas. Moving about the country as we do, the changes in climate can be quite marked. We carry both a summer weight and a winter doona / duvet plus an electric blanket and a few throws. Thus a few weeks ago we had the summer doona on the bed, a sudden change in temperature and it’s a quick dive under the bed to retrieve the 2nd doona and we were snug as bugs in rugs.

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      1. Ah so a doona is a duvet. I see now. You Aussies love shortening words and giving things nicknames don’t you? Doona is a great word though, need to try and remember it and start using it.


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