Go West, Day 66 – Tom Price

Day 66

Monday 11th May 2015, warm, clear

Tom Price

We rush into town to do the mine tour only to find that it has been cancelled for today. I think that’s God’s way of making us do a bit of housework. Woody pays $8 to wash the car down the back of the caravan park and comes back disappointed. The water is artesian and leaves streaks and he finds a chip in the windscreen too. It looks like we should factor in the cost of a new windscreen after each long trip.

Anyone for golf?

This town has a real community feel. Last night we had dinner at Red Breeze Thai, Chinese, Indian restaurant. The food was excellent, there was a playground outside for the kids and apart from the grey nomads everyone knew each other and were chatting away. Today I sat in the sun in the town plaza and it was so pleasant. There is a large lawn area, tropical plants and a water feature and groups of people talking and eating lunch without hustle, bustle or stress. Behind the plaza there is a drive in theatre, but because of the mild climate there are rows of seats at the front and lawn for the kiddies, you can bring your own alcohol too. In fact they are about to have a Girl’s Night at the movies for women only, showing Fifty Shades of Grey. One wonders what they have planned for the blokes.

A colourful bus shelter
Coming Soon, Fifty Shades of Grey

Accom: $46.00

Travelling Kms: 0

Note: We later learn that Tom Price is a residential mining town, not a fly in fly out style of operation, which explains the sense of community.

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