Go West, Day 69 – Karijini

Day 69

Thursday 14th May 2015

Karijini National Park

We climb down the rather steep steps into Dale’s Gorge to see the Fortescue Falls. My knees will never forgive me. The falls slip gently down rock steps into a large deep green pool far below. People are shedding their clothes and plunging into the cold water. One couple are even running about in wetsuits.

Fortescue Falls

We follow the woodland path through reeds and paperbarks and figs that grow in the rock crevices, to Fern Pool. A small waterfall drops into a perfect pool bathed in sunlight and surrounded by the high gorge walls.

Rock Fig

Fern Pool

As I sit by Fortescue Falls I chat to a couple from Melbourne who complain that although they like Karijini they thought the drive up from Perth was boring! Heavens we’ve run out of superlatives to describe this trip.

It’s a red terrain

The ground in this park is not your usual soil but small flat red rocks that look like they are coated in wet mud. But it is an optical illusion. When we sit quietly reading there is only the sounds of birdsong and the wind in the mulga.

Just the wind whispering through the trees

When not staying in caravan parks we are constantly aware of our consumables. The water tanks give us about four days. Gas for cooking, fridge and hot water is quite cheap and lasts for ages. Solar panels power our lights and gadgets and there is plenty of sun at this time of year. But our greatest concern is good roasted coffee! We carry an espresso machine for when we have 240 volt power and an Italian stove top pot for free camping. We left Melbourne with enough coffee to get us to Perth. We got great coffee in Dunsborough and again in Perth where we stocked up for the Broome leg. But being a two cup a day girl and Woody’s background in coffee we are now struggling with our ration of one cup a day. Horror upon horror we’re going to have to buy pre-packaged coffee to get us through to Broome!

Accom: $13.20

Travelling Kms: 0

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