Go West, Day 73 – Port Hedland

Day 73

Monday 18th May 2015, steamy

Port Hedland

We visit the information centre to tell them how much we’ve enjoyed their town and lo and behold the lady behind the counter and two customers are from Hastings and Bittern (on the Mornington Peninsula). We swat up on local history at the Dalgety House museum and explore the aptly named Pretty Pool where the creek widens before cascading over rocks to the sea. 

This town has been a pleasant surprise to us and one not to be missed.

Accom: $37.33

Travelling Kms: 0

Dalgetty House Museum, Port Hedland, WA
Pretty Pool, Port Hedland, WA
Sundown at Cooke Point, Port Hedland, WA
Another magnificent sunset over Port Hedland, WA

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