Go West, Day 110 – Port Augusta

Day 110

Wednesday 24th June 2015, cloudy 9 – 14 degrees!

Coober Pedy to Port Augusta

Woody got half-way through his 20 cent shower when the lights went out. He had to run out turn on the light then run back to find that the shower money had then run out. He should have showered on board.

The sun lights up the mullock heaps like Arabian tents. Once again we’re quickly back in the desert and there is little more than stunted grass and saltbush plains to the horizon. An hour later we stop for a dingoes breakfast and it is still only 10 degrees. We see our first emu in a very long time and get spatters of rain.

Glendambo gives us the choice of two roadhouses, wow this is civilisation. The sign outside says “real coffee” inside there is a tea towel over the machine and another sign “machine broken”. Ok, perhaps we’re not back in civilisation.

Glendambo Roadhouse, SA

The salt lake, Lake Hart is full of water and a sight for sore eyes but the tourists are bent over and hugging themselves to keep warm.

Gradually we descend to the coast, the trees get taller and the Flinders Ranges look stunning beside us. Ah we’re back in the south and it’s nearly four months since we last came through Port Augusta.

Lake Hart, SA

Accom: $33.15 Port Augusta

Travelling Kms: 538Kms

Glossary: Dingoes breakfast = a pee and a look around

Map Source: WikiCamps, wow we’ve completed a circle

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