Go West, Day 112 – Ballarat

Day 112

Friday 26th June 2015, grey 9 oh no, now it’s 8 – 13

Tailem Bend to Ballarat

This is ridiculous we’re on the road at 7:30! I guess that’ll make up for the half hour that we’ll lose at the border. Last night we nodded off to the honking of water hens which certainly worked for me anyway.

We cross the border into Victoria. Sheep, shearing sheds, grain silos and gnarly old red gums. Feels like home. Eek HOME = Ironing and I haven’t done that since Perth.

 The town of Kaniva has painted sheep statues on the street corners. This town would be perfect for a club muster. We’re trying to find another pub lunch with parking for the van and easy access for the ‘crip’. Which when we can pull it off makes things simpler as we can have a snack for dinner and that saves us from tripping over each other trying to cook. The Grampians dominate the landscape as we fall upon the Gift Hotel in Stawell. The roast is excellent but there is a huge map of Australia on the wall and we can’t take our eyes off it. “Scary isn’t it?” Says Woody. Yes it is, we’ve just driven half way around the country!*

So that we can get home in daylight we call it a day at Ballarat. The Windmill Big 4 turns out to be a perfect choice as they have just installed a new disabled bathroom and the shower is divine. Geez did I just say that? 

Now here we are on the last night of a very long trip in one of the coldest cities, drinking canned soup that has done the whole trip with us and eating toast from Kununurra. Woody tells me that the ice in the Techni Ice is from Alice Springs and is still doing its job.

Accom: $33.50 Ballarat

Travelling Kms: 516Kms

Note: *Taking in our previous trip to the Gulf we had just completed a figure 8 of the country in just 12 months. Who says retirement is boring.

Map Source: WikiCamps

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