Banned on the Run, Day 108 – On the road again

Day 108 Saturday 26/9/20 Mylestom to Uralla, New England, up on the plateau blue skies with strong icy winds up to 60kmh, 7 degrees.

We’re a little anxious as we’ve never towed the vans up the Waterfall Way before. It’s a warm sunny morning on the coast but Elle and I take no chances and dress warm. The forecast is not good but we plan for a night at Wollomombi Falls.

As per normal the dairy cows are basking in sunshine and grazing up to their calves in lush grass. We pass through idyllic farmland and nut groves to Thora then begin the climb up to Dorrigo. There are several tight bends and true to its name waterfalls do cascade down the rocks beside the road. By the time we flatten out up at Dorrigo we’ve climbed to 762 metres above sea level. It’s an easier climb than some crossings of the Great Dividing range.

Lush pastures of Bellingen, NSW
The start of the Waterfall Way below Thora, a perfect drive indeed
Up the Waterfall Way and waiting for the Prado’s to come into view

By Ebor it’s 7 degrees and we need winter coats to peer over the precipice to see the falls. No one wants to take the longer walk for the majestic view and a decision is hurriedly made to press on to a caravan park at Uralla rather than free camp at Wollomombi where it is forecast to be -3. Approaching stately Armidale we choose Moxom’s Bakery for a pie stop as it looks to be the best online. But who would have thought that they have several stores and Elle and I are questioning each other’s directions over the CB. We’re each trying to locate a different store. The pies are worth the confusion.

Ebor Falls on the Guy Fawkes River, not a great shot but it was too cold to get a better view!

On the New England Highway push into serious headwinds to nearby Uralla and Queens Park Caravan Park. It is a lovely day except for the biting cold wind and this small family run park sits on the bend of a creek. With our diesel heater out of action we’ve got power to stay warm and even here it is expected to get down to zero overnight.

Rugged up we walk this historic town and finish with a red wine by the fire in The Top Pub, which we can claim from a previous visit definitely lives up to its name.

Uralla with few cars on the New England Hwy a sign of Covid I guess
The Top Pub, Uralla, NSW
Settle down guys, you’ve already been to the pub!

It’s feels good to be on the road again, but today, in the space of one hour we went from summer to winter and now at 8:48pm as I summarise the day it’s 1.5 degrees and according to the phone it feels like minus 3. I’m going to bed!

Accom: $31.00

Travelling Kms: 198kms

5 thoughts on “Banned on the Run, Day 108 – On the road again

  1. Your drivers are more willing than mine was, with the van! There were several sections of the Great Divide that we avoided climbing – and descending – as much as we could.


    1. I must say we approach every new Great Divide crossing with trepidation. I do find it hard to rely on the opinions of other drivers though as everyone seems to have a different definition of steepness. And, we’re in awe of your off road experience we tend to baulk at unmade roads let alone bush tracks!

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