Banned on the run, Day 111 – Beauty is in the detail

Day 111 Tuesday 29/9/20 Lake Burrendong

A closer look at the park reveals a bit of a shambles. A lot of the permanent cabins are overgrown and in need of maintenance and one gets the overwhelming feeling to start pulling out weeds. But on the plus side it does have Apostle birds. Crazy, cheeky and constantly chattering Apostle birds.

Love the name ‘Serenity Now!’ This park has so much potential.
Cheeky Apostle birds
Early morning Lake Burrendong
Lake Burrendong, a magnificent stretch of water

We drive back through the Wellington valley past the derelict Dripstone church to the town of Wellington.

Dripstone Church

Upon second inspection this is another town that has had better days. There are lovely gardens and those imposing buildings and friendly local folk but there are a lot of empty shops. Being sandwiched between the large cities Dubbo and Orange and of course that bloody drought would be enough to suck the life out of any town. Thank goodness the government is building the wind and solar power station here.

Woody fills up with diesel and asks “Is there an Aldi in town?”

“Yeah just up the road.” Says the assistant.

“This road over here?” Says Woody

“Yeah Dubbo.”

That gives us a chuckle, Dubbo is after all 50kms up the road.

Now back to those weeds. Purples and pinks, yellows and creams and oranges. Cape Weed Daisies, tiny almost microscopic snapdragon like flowers alongside broad mats of delicate dusky pink ‘bunnies tails’. Sometimes beauty is in the smallest of detail, the things we overlook.

Accom: $32.40

Travelling Kms: 0

They bagged a peaceful campsite, Lake Burrendong
‘Just havin’ a look?’ Lake Burrendong
Swathes of Paterson’s Curse, Lake Burrendong
And now for the weeds…
Heading south in the spring especially after good rains has been an unexpected bonus, a floral carpet
Like tiny pink bunnie’s tails

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