Banned on the Run, Day 119 – Playing with trains

Day 119 Wednesday 7/10/20 Coolamon, drizzly

It’s still soggy. Ants! The little buggers just appear at some places and try to take over the van. Elle reckons a bumpy ride will dislodge them from their homes. Whatever, it’s time to get out the Antrid cocktail.

If being a wet day isn’t enough, Elle’s front-loading washing machine leaks when a piece of washing gets caught in the door and soaks the cupboards.

On the recommendation of our neighbours we drive to Junee to tour the Roundhouse Museum. Junee is the halfway mark on the railway line between Sydney and Melbourne and has always been an important railway hub. In 1942 the Roundhouse railway workshops with its 100 ft turntable was constructed. These days part of it is still operating, reconditioning locomotives and the other half of it is a railway museum. We wander about these huge old locos marvelling at their sheer size and the effort it must have taken to drive them. There are carriages too and old rail motors that operated more like a bus service out in the bush. And a goods van that was once a travelling post office. Postal workers were transported about the countryside as they sorted and dropped off the mail on the go. Intriguing too, a crane train. Five of these monsters were ordered and built in the US but three were lost overboard just off Sydney. Which sounds like somewhat of an insurance nightmare. The one on display was used in the cleanup of the Violet Town disaster when the Southern Aurora and a goods train collided in February 1969 with the loss of 9 lives.

Photo source: Roundhouse Railway Workshops
1891 Z24 Class Locomotive
Mail sorting carriage
The turntable
Crane train, can you imagine the weight of this?

With trains on our minds we can’t leave Junee without showing the Prado’s the grand old Junee Railway Station and it’s once grand dining room. A glimpse of a bygone era.

Still in operation, the dining room at Junee railway station

Also on the recommendation of our neighbour, we drop into the Commercial Hotel for a bite of lunch. Sorry to say, it rapidly becomes a bit of a disappointment and being busy as all get out has us a little on edge about the Covid rules.

Before leaving town we stock up at the Junee Licorice and Chocolate Factory where the licorice is being made on site, kerthump, kerthump goes the machine. We must be edgy, because Holy Hell this place is heaving with tourists. Oh, that’s right, it’s still school holidays. The sweets are nice but once again it’s virally scary.

Victorian Covid cases 6, NSW cases 3. The QLD Premier has decided against opening the NSW border on Nov 1st. (Note: There is a QLD election on Oct 31st).

Accom: $20.00

Travelling Kms: 0

Antrid – An essential ant killer for Aussie caravans.

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