Like a Rollingstone, Day 18 – Ridge Racing

Day 18 Friday 27/5/2016, Lightning Ridge, clear but cool

This morning we decide to walk into to town, about a kilometre and a half each way. With no reason for the walk we find ourselves in the John Murray art gallery. His outback artwork is quirky and inspirational and impossible to resist.

Delightfully quirky Aussie art by John Murray

Now did you know that Lightning Ridge has the only straight racecourse in Australia? Wandering about following the Green Car Door Tour we happen to notice the nearby racecourse. Peering at the town map and at the course we took to the streets to satisfy what we thought we were seeing…yes, the only flock of ducks in Lightning Ridge and a straight racecourse. Thank you Mr Google for verifying it for us. Then the phone rings. It’s T calling us back to camp for an early Happy Hour (because it gets cold here around 4:00, we’ll pay that one T). Our Man Friday BP takes orders for fish & chips but the shop has run out of fish, it won’t be in until next Tuesday!

Towing Kms: 0

2 thoughts on “Like a Rollingstone, Day 18 – Ridge Racing

  1. Love John Murray’s capturing of the quintessential outback. It was awful to think of what was destroyed when his gallery burnt down; hopefully now rebuilt and restocked…..


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