Like a Rollingstone, Day 24 – Clay Target Shooting, who’s the turkey now?

Day 24 Thursday, 2/6/2016, Roma

This Roma Clay Target Club has to be the friendliest park, everybody is so pleasant.

Camping area at Roma Clay Target Club

Tonight is a club shooting night, so while we enjoy happy hour drinks and chat on the veranda club members perform trap and skeet shooting right in front of us. Best of all they explain the sport. We get to talk to the participants and even the mothers of the younger shooters. One young man is Australia’s 4th best. Everything is strictly controlled and we learn so much. As the club puts on a BBQ tonight we join in and meet today’s new bunch of campers. This is one of the most interesting places that we’ve ever stayed.

Now bearing in mind that the other day I’d been listening to that fascinating story on the radio about the mating habits of brush turkeys and how the male turkey works himself witless to build the highest mound of leaf mulch to attract a female turkey… I ask one of the shooter’s mothers what the odd shaped hill beyond the shooting range is for. It looks to me that it is protection from a stray shot.

“Oh that.” she says “That’s just a turkey mound.”

To which, in shock, I reply “Holy shit that’s huge!”

She and her friends collapse in laughter. A ‘Turkey mound’ up here is what they call a pile of dirt made by building a dam. Oh damn. And the dam is to provide water for cattle using the stock route.

Gee, you learn a lot on the road.

Towing Kms: 0

A BBQ and a shoot out at sundown

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