Like a Rollingstone, Day 26 – Rain? What rain?

Day 26 Saturday, 4/6/2016, Emerald, bright sunshine

While the east coast is being battered by bad weather we’re enjoying sunshine and drying out the passenger floor of the car again. Woody fixes the water tanks. The nylon hose fitting had sheared off. He replaces it with a brass fitting. This is the same problem that we had with our water heater on the West Coast last year.

Emerald has beautiful Botanic Gardens not far from our van park so we have a stroll through the palm glades that overlook the Nogoa River. Amidst all this beauty is a 24 hour free camp between the highway, the river and the Botanic Gardens. This gives us quite a giggle because the vans are parked between the road and railway bridges and it seems that the prime spot is directly underneath the railway bridge. Heaven knows how anyone could get any sleep under there. The main use of this line is for carrying cattle and the railway line in town is covered in pungent cow manure. I wouldn’t want that plopping on the van roof. That would surely bugger up the roof top solar panels!

There’s a short drive out of town to Lake Maraboon. It’s about 20kms and anything under 300kms is short to us these days. The lake has been created by Fairbairn Dam and is used for crop irrigation. We pass hectares of orange groves and on the other side of town there are hectares of grapes.

Towing Kms: 0

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