Like a Rollingstone, Day 55 & 56 – Bloody Midges

Day 55 Sunday, 3/7/2016, Rollingstone Weather, changing

My God are we still here?

El and Elle Prado leave to head north.

We’ve finally got the jump on the midges. The bites have healed and there’s no more itching. Wow that’s only taken two weeks.

The little buggers have been having a feast!

Day 56 Monday, 4/7/2016, Rollingstone, Warm Rain 24

It started raining about 4:00am but we had anticipated it and had everything battened down. No more wet T shirt stuff for us.

Obviously, this beach combing life is frying our brains because we drove into Townsville for supplies and got to the outer suburbs before we realised that it was a public holiday, of course, that’s why our park is completely FULL all 220 sites.

The rain stopped late afternoon, the temperature zoomed up and out came the bloody midges again.

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