Like a Rollingstone, Days 57 & 58 – We’ve got crabs!

Day 57 Tuesday, 5/7/2016, Rollingstone, Perfect 26

Off to Ingham for meat and fish. The cane cutting is in full swing and the mill is belching steam. Once more the Bruce Highway traffic stops for the cane trains to rumble across. We buy Moreton Bay Bugs and Mud Crabs for dinner but the crabs are frozen and will have to wait. The bugs however are delicious.

Day 58 Wednesday, 6/7/2016, Rollingstone, perfect again

The park is slowly emptying as the school holidays come to a close. We dismantle the annexe in preparation for leaving then attack the mud crabs turning them into sandwiches. I’m sure Queenslanders are laughing at us behind their blinds as we’ve got crabs and guts up to our elbows and we’re probably throwing away the best bits.

This is how the locals catch their mud crabs and there are 3 nice ones to the right of the bait
Sunrise Rollingstone, Qld

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