Like a Rollingstone, Day 73 – Getting to know the locals

Day 73 Thursday, 21/7/2016, Yeppoon, 24

There is a stand of bushland at the back of the van park and an emu strolls in for breakfast. We later learn that his mate was killed on the road some time ago and he visits the park each morning.

What a great crewcut

We’ve got time to have a good wander about the area now and the sun sparkles on the Coral Sea. Rosslyn Bay Marina is quite large and sheltered by a rocky outcrop. Yeppoon has a beachside feel and the coffee shops are busy. The town centre is nestled between steep hills and most houses have ‘million dollar’ views. The foreshore walk is a delight. Views of the ocean of course, a whimsical water park for the kids, an outdoor theatre space, sculpture and art.

Mulambin beach is broad and flat with a kind of optical illusion. It takes forever to reach the water or to walk the breadth of the beach. The sand is almost like mud underfoot, all regurgitated by crabs and strewn with trillions of minuscule shells leaving it a grey brown colour.

Mulambin a deceptively large beach

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