Capricorn Dancers, Day 14 – Dodging the weather

Day 14 Wednesday 9/6/21 Casino, 10-18 rain cool wind

Gentle rain overnight rinses the dust off the car and van. We have a quiet day to rest and clean the van from top to bottom. The rain stops at 10:30am then a fierce cold wind dries everything off and forces us to pull the awning in. Which doesn’t sound like much, but and I know this might sound strange, the van never feels like home until the awning is out. Just ask any Aussie caravanner.

We intend to visit Queensland on Friday which will be our 16th day out of Victoria, but we’re anxious about getting into Qld with Covid simmering again. We’re on edge once more as a Victorian woman has tested positive on Qld’s Sunshine Coast after illegally leaving Victoria and crossing into Qld at Goondiwindi. MV rings to say that they’re at Evans Head on the coast and have been told by text from the NSW government to get tested and isolate because they were staying and swimming at the artesian baths caravan park at Moree at the same time as the woman who tested positive. Her sister in law is in a similar situation in Dubbo having crossed paths with this woman. We’re thankful that we didn’t stop in Dubbo or Moree this trip.

Accom: $31.50

Towing Kms: 0

Hedged drive through sites at Big 4 Casino, a good spot to ride out bad weather

6 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 14 – Dodging the weather

  1. You can get lucky – or unlucky – in these times. I currently (23/7) have travelling best friend stuck in Flinders Ranges in SA lockdown, and neighbours somewhere on the Birdsville Track – they are in for a surprise, having left Qld that way to avoid NSW issues……


  2. Covid has changed our travels for sure. We’re hoping to leave for a big trip in a little over a week, but like most travellers now plans have to be fluid, and subject to last minute changes. Eyes on the road, and ears tuned to the latest news bulletin and press release. We’re hoping to head to Broome for three weeks, then a three week trip back via the wild flower route.


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