Capricorn Dancers, Day 60 – Going where no one has been before

Day 60 Sunday 25/7/21 Mulambin, warm 23

We have a deliciously warm night with all the windows and hatches open but I wake to find that my Kindle is missing. It has slipped into that dark forbidden narrow gap between the bed and the wardrobe. A place where even the vacuum cleaner can’t reach. Rather than panic I have a shower and ponder a plan of search and rescue. I assume Woody is having brekkie outside in the sun. I pull the mattress aside, jam a torch into the space and reach in with a chopstick. Too short. A long cable tie. Too short, too floppy. A plastic spatula and a lot of elbow grease and grunt is enough to slide the Kindle out. After all that dust removal and exertion (I am 72 remember) I decide to have a rest on the bed, but the blind is open. I reach over to pull it up and knock one of the poorly designed plastic clips out of the window and into the garden below. I go outside and shimmy between the van and the vibrant tropical shrubbery and scone myself on the open window in the process before finding the plastic clip. I walk back inside, fix the window and fling myself on the bed. Woody cops the whole story when he asks why I’m still in bed. “And you did all that while I was in the loo?”

Double or Nuthin’ and Shirley Temple arrive a mere 8 weeks late setting a new record, they arrived in Longreach 6 weeks late back in 2014! The boys cook burgers in the camp kitchen in celebration, not of their lateness but of their arrival because after leaving home back in May when a lockdown was announced they returned home to sit it out for 4 weeks.

In frustration we read and re read the Vic Services web site which seems to imply that if we are to return home to Victoria we must cross the entire state of NSW in under 24 hours. That’s almost 1000kms. I doubt we could have done that when we were 20 let alone now with a caravan.

Accom: 42.00

Towing Kms: 0

Your typical Queenslander, this one at Emu Park, what a beauty.

12 thoughts on “Capricorn Dancers, Day 60 – Going where no one has been before

  1. Just back from Qld this week after making that very 24 hour crossing through NSW with a green permit. Just as well we both drive whilst towing. Had our permit checked just over the Vic border by police but they didn’t even ask how long we’d taken! Took us a couple of days to recover. One of our near neighbours went round via Tennant Creek and SA. Not sure who was crazier, given we are both home to more lockdown. Cheers, Mark


  2. Sounds like you have an interesting little exercise regime. Spatulas are another one of those things campers might think they’ll never need until the day they realize they don’t have one.


      1. I can’t imagine we’ll ever need a pastry brush when we’re away camping! If I was the “cook” we’d probably have salads on hot days and soup on cold and no, it wouldn’t be “home made” soup!


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