The New South Wales town of Barham is situated on the north bank of the Murray River and only 300 or so Kms from Melbourne. It has a population of 1159 (2016 Census) and is a twin town with Koondrook on the Victorian side of the river. Life would have been difficult here when the border was closed due to Covid restrictions. The mighty Murray River is the main attraction along with golf, food trails and camping. The Barham Caravan Park is situated on the Murray and in the heart of town thus visitors can easily walk to pubs and clubs. Barham is an easy town to explore on foot.

Our friends the Prado’s stayed in Barham for a few days in 2020 when Victoria was in lockdown but NSW was open. Elle was desperate for a haircut and couldn’t get a booking in Barham but an appointment was available in Koondrook just across the bridge. But there was a catch, she would have to quarantine for 2 weeks.

Barham, NSW (Map Source: Google)

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