On the road with a bit missing

Day 5 Monday 14th January 2013 Clunes (Day 4 was spent moping at home)

Woody takes the van to the repairer and thankfully they remove the awning so that we can enjoy the rest of our holiday. They won’t be able to do the repairs for several weeks and there is much more damage than our untrained eyes had noticed.

We have lunch and once again take to the road, this time Eastlink, Monash, Western Ring, and Western Highway as we’re headed for the Ballarat area where we’ll meet our mates at Clunes. We stop for fuel at Rockbank and start to feel like we’re on holidays again. We’re getting cross with Gabby Garmin again as she takes us past our intended Creswick turnoff and onto the Ballarat Bypass. Doesn’t she realise that we need a supermarket? Walking the main street of Creswick we drift back into relaxation mode, pick up our shopping and drive the last few kilometres into Clunes.

The Clunes Caravan Park is easy to find as it is right behind the shops and borders the little Creswick Creek. We look straight at the backs of the historic buildings and shops of Fraser Street. There are only 38 van sites in a lovely garden setting. The friendly owners, Barry and Mette bought it just after the last floods, two years ago and are doing a sterling job of rebuilding the gardens. It’s hard to believe that such a small creek could flood the whole town. After a walk around to get our bearings, we tuck into another frozen curry for dinner, boring but handy when you first make camp.

Towing Kms: 190Kms

Great view! At least there’s a shortcut through to the pub.
Clunes Caravan Park

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