Breakdown Blues – Day 8 – Preparing for the next leg

Day 8 Sunday 12/6/22 Leeton, cloudy cold 8 – 13

Woody is up early to do the washing at the laundromat in town. I clean the caravan. After lunch, we do a large shop at Aldi as it’s the last chance we’ll get before we reach the Queensland coast. I’m sure most caravanners have mental maps of where the Aldi stores are.

We both have long walks around town and I photograph the Burley Griffin water towers the historic Hydro Hotel and the Roxy Theatre (1929) which is under renovation at present. The Hydro Hotel was built in 1919 for the accommodation of Water Conservation and Irrigation Commission executives, the ones who pressured the government for the development of the MIA, Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area.

Leeton’s Roxy Theatre undergoing a makeover
Anamorphic Image of Walter Burley Griffin (ie if you look from any other angle it makes no sense)

We get word from The Prado’s, they’ve arrived at Finley and we’ll meet up tomorrow.

As the afternoon chill draws in, I sit inside and sketch our fruit picker neighbour’s Mahindra 4 wheel drive. We cook the hot dogs we bought in Lockhart and have them in brioche rolls with jalapeños and cheese. They’re meltingly delicious.

Accom: $17.00

Our neighbour’s car
Sign on the toilet door, if the horses can have their own urinal, obviously the birds want one too.

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