Breakdown Blues – Day 33 – It’s back!

Day 33 Thursday 7/7/2022 Eidsvold, 7 – 20 some cloud

Making the most of a lay day, we get a slow start. Jeff rings at 10:00 and tells us that the car is ready for pickup. El Prado drives us into Mundubbera and we can’t believe the difference between the two towns. Eidsvold is a struggling town with most shops now closed yet Mundubbera is busy with few vacant parking spaces and many shops. We buy bread as there is no baker in Eidsvold. Jeff’s crew have the car ready for us and it’s a relief to have it back. Our mechanic in Melbourne has offered to reimburse us. RACV would pay for our accommodation but it’s not worth bothering about, the main thing is that they got us and the car out of trouble.

Back at camp at the Showgrounds, a guy has been breaking in a brumby and two girls are riding horses. A good wander around town reveals that it is one of those towns where you never know who does what…when we’d asked about a bus service yesterday the mechanic told us that there’s a bus to Mundubbera every Wednesday. The pub is under renovation and a sign directs people to purchase their beer at the club. When we paid our Showgrounds camping fee at the BP servo and asked for a receipt we were told to go to the library, also the BP would only take cash for bookings. Where was the ATM? At the post office, there’s no bank. Apart from all the running back and forth there’s not much here but an old Foodworks supermarket, a few odd shops, a farm supplies store, and a small motel that doubles as a cafe.

Outside the Showgrounds there is a bush tucker garden, with lillypilly’s and finger limes, and herbal healing plants. One thing there is plenty of is parkland and the bird life provides a musical backdrop.

Bush Tucker Garden

We hear a horse whinnying in the distance. We wander over to the stables and find a lonely fellow who wants company. Pats, ear tickles and nose rubs are rewarded with a nuzzle to my neck, and when we leave there is another loud whinny.

What a friendly fellow

This is the warmest evening we’ve had yet and we sit outside until 5:30. Through the kitchen window there is a red sunset and as I look up the moon is shining through the roof hatch.

Accom: $15.00

Fuel: $49.01 (239.9c/l)

Kitchen window view, Eidsvold


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