Breakdown Blues – Days 84 & 85 – Feeling the change in seasons

Aug 2022, Mulambin, Qld

It’s market day again. I do some van cleaning and a heap of hand washing in preparation for hitting the road.

The wind is blustery and not ideal for beach walking but I venture out to explore Kinka Beach, one I haven’t walked. I choose the wrong access track and trudge through a long hilly and winding soft sand path to reach the beach. It’s not as appealing as the other beaches and seems to be a tidal backwater that attracts a lot, I mean a lot of flotsam and jetsam and the low tide is about half a km out. Naturally, I take a lot of interest in the good stuff that litters the beach, shells, seaweed, jellyfish, crabs, and a lot of coral.

The days are becoming warmer and longer. The beach almond trees along the coast that were green when we arrived are now deep red and losing their huge leaves.

The sea breeze dries the washing quickly. Woody walks to Rosslyn Bay, he likes the beer reward at Beaches bar. I take the car and walk Lammermoor Beach in a stiff salty breeze. Rosslyn Bay is more protected from the breeze and families are swimming.


8 thoughts on “Breakdown Blues – Days 84 & 85 – Feeling the change in seasons

    1. Oh yes. Our east coast beaches have hard sand which is perfect for walking, so we really give them a workout in our winter travels. However, at home in Melbourne we live very close to the bay but the sand is soft. It never worried me when I was younger but now, I just look at it and stay on the paths.

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  1. Lovely post again Lyndsay. I remember Kinka beach well. We escaped from Darwin during the build-up, that dreadful time between winter and the wet when temperatures hit 35C and the humidity is 100%. We bolted south through Larrimah in 42C heat, across the Barclay Tablelands, past Mt Isa and Longreach hitting the coast at Rocky and then headed to the Islands View caravan Park at Kinka Beach. Hanging out for a swim we bolted over to the beach and then walked, and walked and walked until we found the water. It was 6″ deep! Dreadful beach. Apart from that, we enjoyed our stay exploring the Yepoon region.


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