Turn Back Jimmy Creek

In these pages, I often mention funny place names and signposts that leave us wondering how on earth the name came about. One of those familiar with southern motorists is Turn Back Jimmy Creek near Jerilderie in New South Wales.

Some months ago I was grateful to receive an email from Robert in Perth who solved one mystery for me. Robert’s grandfather was a pioneering farmer in Coleambally and to quote Robert “Jimmy was told to go into town to get supplies but when he got to the creek he changed his mind (about going into town). He returned empty-handed and told them that the creek was flooded, so he could not cross to get the supplies”….

Thanks, Robert for solving that one. Now can anyone tell me about Mary Smokes Creek in Queensland? Was she Mrs. Smokes or a lass who loved to nick out for a sneaky puff down by the creek when it was time to do the dishes?

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13 thoughts on “Turn Back Jimmy Creek

  1. Great story. I hope someone can help with your puzzle today. And while your readers are about it, can anyone solve the naming mystery of ‘Lost Shoe Creek’ on a deeply forested road on Vancouver Island BC?

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