Fryerstown ambling about

Fryerstown, Vic, Nov 2022

Day 3 Tuesday 8/11/2022 Fryerstown, warm 25 brief evening thunderstorm

I take a walk up the hill to the All Saints Anglican Church (1861) which is now a private house. Wandering up the dirt lane that is Church Street there is a substantial house that appears to be flying the English flag. There is an interesting place near the school that has a chimney that looks to be from a brick kiln of some kind. This mud brick and timber house has a delightful garden and water feature that is home to Pobblebonk / Banjo frogs. All day and night we hear the musical “Bonks’ from the frogs which for me is reminiscent of our last house. I doubt Woody ever noticed them.

We take a drive into Castlemaine via Nuggety Gully and Campbell’s Creek, returning through Chewton. Back in Fryerstown we follow High Street to what is the grandest house in town. Lambruk was built by mine owner Edward Rowe circa 1863. The house is hidden behind trees on a small hill and is flanked by a bend of the creek. The creek has been walled in stone and small cascades of stonework provide a delightful burbling.

Lambruk walk through video

Fryers Creek below Lambruk

Two hikers arrive at our camp and set up tents. They’re walking the Goldfields Trail towards Castlemaine. Whilst still wondering about the community up the road and wondering whether they’re stoned and unclothed, we now ponder the relationship of the walkers. He is close to our age and she young and scantily clad. Toothless cooks a lamb roast in the camp oven. Toothless’ Missus & T cook the vegies and I fail miserably by not making enough gravy for such a delicious roast.

The camp oven doing its thing with the lamb

S & N arrive followed by I & S with I’s new Jack Russell pup. A bouncing, barking, and leaping, crutch-sniffing bundle of energy, “What’s his name?” we ask. “Jazz” says I. “Shithead” says S.

It’s a warm evening and a few locals drop by to pick up their milk. We sit around the campfire and chat.

Accom: $20.00


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