Fryerstown, sketchy memories

Fryerstown, Vic, Nov 2022

I found it impossible not to pick up a pen in this captivating goldfields village and even though we’re now back in Melbourne, Fryerstown cottages still beg to be drawn.

With the silly season coming up I’ve decided to cut back on posting the blog so if you don’t see a daily post, never fear it’s just that something else is begging for attention. Thanks for following these often eclectic musings, no doubt there’s more to come.


20 thoughts on “Fryerstown, sketchy memories

    1. Thanks Lookoom. I’d say, same but different. We often used to have this debate in our camera club. A quality photo, the likes of yours needs a good eye and is a practiced art. Sketching does have the advantage of being able to change the light and leave out the ugly stuff. And as I write this gorgeous light shines through the window and the trees turn emerald green, better drag out the Nikon before it’s too late! πŸ˜‰


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