Exploring Portland – Day 2 Not there yet

Day 2 Wednesday 14/12/2022 Camperdown, cold wet, warm, cold wet, warm…7-15

We wake to rain. It had rained on and off all night. I roll over and go back to sleep. Woody walks around town. When I’m under the shower Woody calls out that the power has gone off. He rings the remote caretaker and we learn that the roadside poles will be under repair until 3:00pm. Damn! I’d already turned off the diesel heater, the hair will have to be towel dried and stay flat for the day, lucky no one knows us. Woody who’d been waiting for me to wake before making his coffee is now hanging for caffeine.

We jump in the car and head into the Loaf and Larder for a warming coffee and of course, a cake. Little dough Xmas ornaments hang from string and puddings are on display. VeeWee pops next door and buys an electric toothbrush. I often wonder if towns realise how much Grey Nomads spend on their travels as we are more likely to shop on the road than we are at home. The weather is still vacillating between cold and wet, and warm and sunny. We check out the Anglican Monastery down the road and the lookout behind the park with its views of both lakes.

Grabbing a coffee at Loaf and Larder then off to find an electric toothbrush
Lakes Bullen Merri on the left and Gnotuk with a bit of a starboard list.

After lunch, Woody walks into town while VeeWee and I wander through the Botanic Gardens. There’s an unusual NZ tree called an Akiraho which we call ‘the lying down tree’ that has us fascinated. It’s on the National Trust significant tree list so it must be of interest to others too. There are Linden trees with large wings on their seed bracts. The gardens are small yet delightful with views of the lakes.

Happy hour is once more in the Winnebago out of the cold. Dinner is air fryer Pork Ribs and vegetables.

Accom: $21.00

Camperdown Botanic Gardens, designed by William Guilfoyle in 1888
Akiraho (Olearia paniculata) – doesn’t look too panicked to me, definitely having a bit of a lie-down.
Garden shed, Camperdown Botanic Gardens
Lake Gnotuk

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