Exploring Portland – Day 7 A Botany Lesson

Day 7 Monday 19/12/2022 Portland, sunny breezy 12 – 21

VeeWee gets an early start to head home. I walk into town to pick up a couple of prescriptions from the chemist and end up leaning on a fence sketching the Anglican church (we later discuss how odd it is that the Catholic church here feels cold whereas the Anglican church feels so welcoming with its rose gardens and unusual buildings in the gardens). Woody meets me in the supermarket then he walks home while I take the groceries in the car. Home is always where the caravan is.

St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Portland

It’s warm enough to lunch outside in the sun. Woody spends the afternoon walking along Dutton Way and I drive into town to photograph Mac’s Hotel, the old Post Office, Customs House, the Town Hall, and in particular, the Curator’s Cottage at the Botanic Gardens. The gardens are interesting especially a foul-smelling bunch of ‘lilies’ called Amorphophallus Bulbifer. By their look and my rough translation of their Latin name, these plants appear to have been named for their proud appendages.

Customs House, Portland
Civic Buildings, the new and the old
The picture says it all – Amorphophallus Bulbifer

We spend the rest of the afternoon snoozing in the sun while paragliders hover overhead.

Dinner is lamb steaks.

Accom: $37.00


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