Exploring Portland – Day 10 & The Bakehouse opens

Day 10 Thursday 22/12/2022 Portland, sunny 14 – 21

The patisserie ‘The Bakehouse’ only opens at the end of the week so Woody has to wait in a queue to buy almond croissants and pain au chocolat. But you know what? It was so worth it. These guys have rocketed into the top 5 of our personal National almond croissant list!

Delights from The Bakehouse

I take a walk along the beach and out to the end of the breakwater to sketch the Corkscrew Observatory. The Corkscrew was a gift to Portland from the contractors who built the port in 1960. It was refurbished in 2016. Walking back along Nuns Beach I meet a fellow sketcher sitting in the dunes. She has only moved here in the last 6 months and is loving her new home.

The Corkscrew Observatory
Nuns Beach a pleasant spot for some quiet sketching

We have a crusty baguette for lunch and speaking of lunch, our neighbours are keeping us amused. Around lunchtime each day they stagger past bleary-eyed and in their dressing gowns heading for the showers. They must sleep awfully late.

We meet other neighbours who are new to living on the road full-time and are finding it hard to settle into the rhythm, we wonder how long they’ll last. Dinner is fish with a stir fry.

Accom: $37.00


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