Benalla & Broken Creek

Benalla, Central Victoria

I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve stayed at Doc and Cath’s farm stay at Broken Creek. It’s so handy being only 9kms or so from Benalla and the Hume Freeway. And so peaceful, like camping in the bush with all comforts of home (flushing toilets come to mind).

Being of a certain age we can well remember when the dreaded Hume Highway as it was then, wound its way through every town between Melbourne and Sydney. Heaven help the local shoppers that had to put up with the roar of trucks and diesel fumes. Not to mention the highway collisions. Nowadays one can sit with a quiet coffee on the main street and admire the street art murals that adorn so many walls. Or sit as I did in the Aldi supermarket car park doing a quick sketch of a house with an unusual chimney. Benalla is now a desirable location and so vastly different from what it once was.

Lake Benalla

6 thoughts on “Benalla & Broken Creek

    1. Thanks Ingrid. Do farmers open their properties to RV’s in the States? It’s become quite a sideline and regular income source here. No two are the same and it’s a win win situation. We learn of their struggles and they earn a few bucks. And of course there are some memorable fireside chats.


      1. We have a organization here called “Harvest Host”. For an annual membership fee, we have access to wineries, museums, farms, golf courses, and more for free overnight parking. It is a win-win for both parties.


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