Recalling Longwood

Longwood, Vic

One of the nice things about sketching is the sense of place that it creates. Whether plein-air (or urban sketching) where one seems to be reminded of the feel and sound of a place when looking at a sketch long after its creation. Or, the act of taking a raft of photos from many angles so that an accurate travel sketch can be produced later, often late at night, in the caravan whilst listening to the sounds of the bush outside. Perhaps the grumpy cheep of a bird, disturbed in its sleep, or the scraping of a kangaroo’s tail in the dirt as it quietly shuffles past. And of course, Woody snuffling, and muttering in his sleep.

Visiting Longwood, Victoria was a pleasant surprise. The archetypal Australian country town with a rollicking old pub, a well-cared-for sports ground, and an assortment of weathered weatherboard homes.

Thanks Longwood, you were a joy to sketch and a gracious host to our little band of travellers.


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