Broken Hill ‘Tinnies’

At first glance the houses, or ‘tinnies’ as they are known, of Broken Hill, NSW appear to be small, tired, unkempt corrugated iron shacks. But on closer inspection no two are the same, most are very neat, although few have gardens as we coastal dwellers know them. There is a lack of water in this town, so those who want a garden, have invested in succulents and oleanders. There must be a termite problem because the power poles are concrete and iron like those in Adelaide. This would explain the use of corrugated iron for the houses. Some houses have put mock stone or cladding on the front, others have even tried render. There are flat roofs and bull nosed verandas, yet very few houses have been extended and almost all are single storey. From what we see in Real Estate agents windows most have been seriously renovated inside, whereas outside they remain historically correct. Having said that some really are ugly, unkempt corrugated iron shacks!



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