A Chilling Issue

We’re sitting on the dry banks of the Campaspe River at Ayson’s Reserve outside Elmore in Victoria. It’s summer and it’s hot, damned hot. Even the cockies have stopped their screeching. We loll about under our mates’ awning drinking cold beer and pondering this camping life. “How cold is the beer?” Any true blue Aussie would ask. Well the boys are playing with the remote thermometer and so far have checked our van fridge, Richie’s van fridge and Brian’s Techni Ice fridge. Richie’s Waeco will be next. I’m sure that by tonight we’ll have scientific proof as to which fridge is the coldest. Then I suppose someone will mention economics and it’ll be on again. “But how many bags of ice have you bought mate?”
We discuss the need for carrying a chainsaw for cutting firewood versus buying a bag of wood somewhere along the way when we need it. But hey, chainsaws are reasonably heavy and take up quite a bit of space but hang on it’s far too hot for a fire anyway. 


  It’s hot and it’s cold

5 thoughts on “A Chilling Issue

  1. Wow, 50C! That’s impressive. When we drove from Perth to Melbourne across the Nullabor, we hit 48C for three days running. We also took a photo of the dashboard which I made into a transfer and ironed onto a t-shirt for Dear Husband. If you come to Melbourne, come by ours and we’ll have a few cold ones.


    1. Only 35 and 5.0 in the fridge. Funny thing was that while the guys were testing the temperatures we ran out of gas and the van fridge stopped. Nobody noticed until that night…whoops..wouldn’t have happened if we’d used the van fridge for the beer!


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