Packing a Caravan

When Packing a caravan, the heaviest items should always travel down low and preferably over the wheels. This explains why our wine cellar is located underneath one of the cafe seats and the other cafe seat holds the espresso machine. Pots and pans are on the opposite side below the stove and sink.

Food – As well as overhead cupboards we have a small slide out pantry under the sink for the heavy food items, bottles and cans, but being foodies, I’m yet to find one of these that actually works well. My way around this is to use the slide out for bottles, olive oil, sauces etc. and store the cans around the periphery of the inside of the slide out as cans don’t move much or topple over. Of course when a can of tomatoes or such is needed I do have to lie on the floor and hook my arm inside the slide out to find it. It’s a bugger to clean after a long outback trip.

Vacuum Packing – There has been a lot of talk lately about vacuum packing food for caravanning and you’ll always see people selling these systems at caravan and camping shows. They are good and we bought ours from our local supermarket (you know the one, that German supermarket that sells undies and bicycles in the centre aisles) when they appeared on special. We now find that our frozen foods can be packed much neater and smaller and we can fit twice as much in the van freezer. Being small and light we carry the vacuum sealer with us just in case we spot a bargain. You never know we just may take up fishing one day.

Clothing – In a lot of vans they put in a rail for hanging but it isn’t deep enough for the hangers or wide enough for many clothes or even long enough for clothes to hang without the bottom quarter getting crumpled up. I got so frustrated with trying to hang clothes in our first van (the pop top) that we got a handyman friend to replace the hanging space with shelving. This was the perfect answer as clothes will ride much better folded on shelves. I fitted hanging shelves, the ones that you buy in storage shops, in our second van but they really aren’t as good as proper shelves and clothes tend to slip out of them as you travel. I’ve noticed that the Sunland Patriot vans come fitted with shelving, aha at last a manufacturer has addressed the problem.

It’s worth taking note of where your hot water service is fitted as these will inevitably break down and spray water, a lot of water, in the vicinity. Ours is located under the bed and when a fitting sheared off water spurted out at mains pressure throughout our under bed storage which happened to include spare bedding and the laptop! I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast as I did that morning.

Bedding – Heaven knows why but I always carry a complete spare set of bedding, because we’ve never once used them. After all every caravan park does have washers, driers and clothes lines! Perhaps I’m expecting visitors.

20150420-DSC_0239 crop
OK, so the image has nothing to do with the story but I love the way they’ve turned jeans and boots into flower pots!

3 thoughts on “Packing a Caravan

  1. I’ve wanted to buy a vacuum packer for ages, think I might have to bite the bullet this year and get one. They’d be great for our longer trips, though we managed fine last time.


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