Homeless or Rich Beyond Belief?

This post was inspired by a post that I read by author and blogger Jan Hawkins


We were recently camped lazily beside a river in Victoria. The corellas chattered and called in the gum trees and sometimes a water fowl would hoot. Four owls slept in the tree above. There was little else to do but enjoy the summer warmth beside the river.

Camped nearby was a gentleman who had decided to change his life on retirement. He left his boarding house as it was depressing him and purchased a good sound tent, a kayak and some fishing gear. He now lives where his mood takes him and he is beholden to no one.

He told us that when he phones his friends they complain that they are doing nothing. He tells them that he too is doing nothing, but it is so interesting. “I’m living the dream” he said.


7 thoughts on “Homeless or Rich Beyond Belief?

  1. Hey Happy Travellers, Thanks for your lovely post. I am Aussie and a Victorian and l loved your riverside photo it is so lovely, it reminds me just how precious and beautiful this part of the world really is. Happy and safe travelling, I am looking forward to hear more of your adventures. Have a lovely day:)


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