Wanna give it a go? Why not hire?

Have I piqued your interest yet? Would you like to try caravanning but don’t want to outlay your hard earned cash on a rig when you’re still unsure? Don’t be disheartened there are options available to help you make a decision.

You could do what we did. We hired a Britz Motorhome and toured the North Island of New Zealand. It was a reasonably inexpensive holiday as for the price of a hire vehicle there were low accommodation costs and most of our meals were prepared onboard. New Zealand’s motor camps are reasonably priced and of an exceptionally high standard, the roads were good and the views to die for. Of course!

We followed that up with a similar trip to the South Island a few years later and felt like dab hands at the game. The one thing that we did get wrong though was to assume that only New Zealand could have camp sites right on the edge of wild rivers, lakes and the ocean. How wrong were we? We have since found some stunningly beautiful camp sites here that easily rival those in NZ.

There is another option there are caravan and motorhome hire companies in Australia. Imoova.com (previously Standbycars) is a service which requires people to drive rental vehicles to other cities where they are in higher demand. At a ridiculously low price you can return a motor home to another location and if prepared to wait you may even get another to drive yourself home. This is a good option if you want to get the feel of a road trip and it is a win / win situation. They get the vehicle moved and you get the experience of driving a motorhome. Check it out at http://www.imoova.com.

For those readers who live in Melbourne and want a caravanning holiday experience without the initial outlay of buying a van, there is a business on the Mornington Peninsula that hires caravans, called Utow Caravans. You haven’t got a four wheel drive you say? Well these are caravans that can easily be towed by a family car, all you need is a towbar. Geoff and Sharon from Utow know the caravanning caper inside out and will make it simple for you. You can find them at http://www.utowcaravans.com.au.

Come on have you got the urge to park beside a river somewhere or within earshot of pounding surf yet? There are thousands of caravan parks out there just waiting for you.

Go on, get Googling…….

Emptying the grey water, Creeksyde Holiday Park, Queenstown, NZ

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