Abi’s Story

We recently spent a weekend with friends at the Heathcote Wine Festival in Victoria, sampling a few wines and having a lot of laughs. Our mates T & T have a gorgeous little King Charles Cavalier called Abi and like most dogs she loves caravanning with a passion. T & T had only recently upgraded to a spacious new Jayco Silverline van. You know the ones, with the big black wraparound front window and a slide out to give even more living space inside. This was their second trip in only a few weeks in the van, so you could say that they were still in shake down mode. Getting the hang of the van where things were and in which cupboards things will best travel.

Little Abi being a farmer’s dog sleeps outside the van at night to faithfully guard her owners. Even though her sight isn’t as good as it used to be, she’s up to the task.

Thus whilst we were all sleeping peacefully Abi went off to answer the call of nature. One can only imagine the surprise when T & T got a phone call in the middle of the night from the only other Jayco Silverline on the other side of the caravan park, to say that Abi had knocked on their door.

Good dog Abi, right brand and model, wrong van.

Those eyes aren’t so bad after all are they?

Abi Gale


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