Easyburn Flatpack Fireplace

We have a mate who talks to dogs. They follow him about as though he is the pied piper, so much so that he is now known at happy hours as Daz The Dog Whisperer. Any way DTDW bought an Easyburn flat pack fireplace and with a flick of a match and a puff of smoke he had us humans flocking to his campfire too. It’s a beauty!

It is so good in fact that we ordered one online from the manufacturer www.easyburn.com.au in Wauchope in NSW. It weighs 7kg and all of the pieces (6 sides and 2 floor pieces) fit into a hessian bag. We just toss it in the tunnel boot.

What impresses me is that there are laser cut outs on the sides which allow nice warm heat to reach your legs as you sit around it and the only mess is a tiny bit of ash that may drop through the cracks on the bottom. We put an aluminium tray underneath ours to catch the ash and Bob’s your uncle.

It is so simple to put together and there are two rods that slot into the top to hold a frying pan or kettle. We haven’t cooked on it yet …apart from marshmallows.

Easyburn Fireplace

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