Service With a Smile in Gayndah

In Gayndah, Qld there is travellers rest called Zonhoven Park beside the Burnett River just east of town. We spent a peaceful night there in 2015:
It is quite a pleasant spot and there is a farm beside us. The river is about 10 metres below the park and its far bank has to be 400 metres away. There is a beautiful sunset over the river as we chat to a local lady who is out walking her dog and pleased to see us sitting outside. She says that most campers set up then lock themselves away for the night.

In the morning the mayor of North Burnett, Don Waugh drops by for a chat and to make sure that we’re happy with the park. Now that is service. He tells us that the park was under water only last year and sure enough we see a 44 gallon drum and a chair stuck high up in the trees.

Burnett River, Gayndah

7 thoughts on “Service With a Smile in Gayndah

  1. I’ve never seen anyone ‘lock themselves up for the night’ on a campsite. Most people in the experiences I’ve had are out from before breakfast till bedtime…. especially if it’s rather hot. You’ve definitely got it right!

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  2. I always wonder why some people bother to leave home when they shut themselves in their vans turn on the telly and air-con, but of course you do get others, like you and me, who enjoy the pleasure of watching the sun go down, having happy hour with like minded campers and meeting and talking to the locals.


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