Forty Degrees of Summer

  Heat oppressive, barometric pressure palpable.

The smell, of eucalyptus and dust hangs in the air.

Thunder rumbles, far in the distance.

Unswimmable the river, swollen and swirling in eddies.

Silent dappled gums, soft yellow and grey trunks.

Sweat streams, from scalp it trickles to feet.

With reddened faces we gasp, dogs pant.

Nervous, we sniff the air for signs of smoke.

Stillness, brings big drops of plopping rain.

Welcoming sweet and cleansing, on our skin.

We dance with arms outstretched, as if to catch more.

All too soon it is gone, stopped. Leaving a more bearable world.


8 thoughts on “Forty Degrees of Summer

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