Toilet Humour

The boys cook breakfast in the camp kitchen and a long breakfast ensues. Gee we can talk and the discussion is all about toilets, heaven forbid.

In the evening our mate M cooks the trout that she caught at Lake Eucumbene and once more the talk turns to toilets. People wonder why we joined a caravan club but I’ll bet they don’t know as much as we do about toilets!

Thus I have it on good opinion, fuelled by a warm evening under the stars partaking of freshly caught trout and cheap wine, the best method of operating a chemical toilet. As we all know the booziest of nights turn to toilet humour. It turns out that our learned friends all declared that the numerous chemicals on the market don’t come within a bull’s roar of Napisan, eucalyptus oil and olive oil. Yes, I agree it does sound like a wicked and wizardly concoction and dear readers have you noticed how many times eucalyptus comes into use in Australia? It’s our cure all.

Now for the recipe:

Pour One capful of Napisan into the cassette.

Followed by a few drops of eucalyptus oil, not too many as it’s only there for fragrance.

And for the fun part, spray the toilet flap liberally with olive oil spray. This apparently keeps the workings of the flap lubricated and I believe aids in the speedy departure of unwanted deposits.

Empty toilet every 3 days.

Please be advised that this has not yet been tested by yours truly but the next trip sounds like it’s going to be a doozy. Now where’s that olive oil?


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