Wallaman Falls

Wallaman Falls is 50kms behind Ingham and the last 20kms is almost vertical, or is that just the ice box full of produce from Ingham weighing us down. The falls are at the top of the Great Dividing Range. We drive through cane fields and the criss cross of cane train lines. Beyond the cane fields there is bushland complete with grazing cows. The cows wander the roadsides and even sit on the bitumen, lazing cows.As we enter the National Park the road climbs steeply. Halfway up there are stunning views to the farmland and as far as the islands. This is where the rainforest begins. Almost prehistoric, beech forest, umbrella trees, palms. Monsteras climb the trees and vines hang down to the roadway. Fallen trees are suspended high above the road by the thick vegetation. The falls can be heard before they are seen. 268 metres in a single drop, the highest in Australia, they plummet into the gorge with a shuddering roar. Spray billows through the gorge creating its own rainbow. Large butterflies flit through the air.

Google Maps

Lazing cows

Wallaman Falls, Qld

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