Where are we now Mal?

We’ve been on the road for some time now and travelled 4000 kilometres, yet for some time I have had the sneaking suspicion that no one else in our little group knows where we are actually going. As I walk out of the water after my swim the others sheepishly declare that they were pondering what they would do if I had drowned. The Indian Ocean thankfully isn’t all that rough. Their answer was to stay in Geraldton forever as they didn’t know where we were headed or how to get home! It’s nice to be needed isn’t it?

Anyone know where we are?

4 thoughts on “Where are we now Mal?

    1. I’m always quoting that movie. I’ve gotten into a habit of asking myself where I am if I wake up during the night….which can be amusing as last night the answer was “Vegas”….wrong = Melbourne! Damn no room service then.


      1. I haven’t seen the movie, but I’ve met enough people on my travels who seem to operate that way. The same ones who say “We’ve done Ireland and we’ve done Spain” etc.


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