Look, up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a …

As I flip through the weekend paper from the urgency of Page One to the relaxed Magazine lift out one topic is discussed over and over, drones. Drones for the military, drones for agriculture, drones for real estate sales, drones for pizza delivery and drones for surveillance are we meant to wonder how we managed to live without these pesky things?

Only a few weeks ago I was walking on a quiet beach in tropical Queensland, the sun had just risen behind an offshore island a warm sea breeze was ruffling the palms and all was right with the world. As I pottered about the rocks just looking at the weird and wonderful things left by the retreating tide, I became aware of a strange humming noise that was getting progressively louder.  Sure enough it was a bloody drone! And what was it doing? To my mind it was signalling the end of escapism forever more.

Heaven help the nudists.

Watching you, watching me, watching you

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