Marine Stingers

With three unexplained deaths in Queensland tropical waters this month, it is probably time to talk about the serious topic of Marine Stingers.

Visitors to Queensland beaches may be surprised to find bottles of vinegar located beside beach walkways. The vinegar is used to reduce the pain of jellyfish stings. It is advisable to avoid unprotected swimming and wading in the summer or wet season months of October through to May in northern Australia as this is when Stingers are most prevalent. Popular beaches like Seaforth in this image and Four Mile Beach at Port Douglas have stinger nets in place. The city of Cairns has an onshore swimming beach for year round swimming.

The term Marine Stingers covers many stinging jelly fish and includes the often deadly Box Jellyfish and the possibly even more dangerous Irukandji. The Irukandji is tiny, about the size of a fingernail and the victim usually doesn’t know they’ve been stung until the toxins take effect about twenty minutes after the sting.

For more useful information see:

Stinger Net, Seaforth

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