Scarce as hen’s teeth

Remember our poor old mate ‘Toothless Johnno’ who lost a tooth from his dental plate whilst eating lunch in the sun? Well ‘Johnno’ rang his dentist to see how quickly he could get his dentures repaired because he is a police officer and he didn’t want to return to work looking more like one of the crooks.

“Just bring the tooth in on Monday” said the dentist.

‘Johnno’ had to explain how the bird ate the tooth and that he won’t be bringing the bloody bird into the dentist’s office.

“Hmm, it must have thought it was a piece of bread.” She replied adding another $300 to the bill.

The last we heard from ‘Johnno’ was that he and the missus left camp early to get back to the dentist but there was a peak hour accident on the West Gate Bridge so he was going to have to catch the ferry home. An expensive exercise with a rather large caravan in tow!

And the bird, well bird lovers can breathe a sigh of relief it’s still hopping about and nicking snacks from unguarded tables.

Red Wattle Bird, on the lookout for cheese and biscuits and porcelain teeth




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