Sometimes it pays to get out of bed

We were camped at Anglesea on Victoria’s south west coast and the weather was unseasonally cool. I was so tempted to just roll over and go back to sleep but with only one day of the holiday left I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the beach with the camera.

Anglesea, Vic

The beach looked cold and uninviting although the distant cliffs were worth a shot, but certainly not worth getting my shoes drenched and jeans wet up to the knees. Cold and wet I stood on a sea weed clad rock and cursed myself for misjudging the waves and risking my camera gear.

Anglesea, Vic

As I squelched back along the beach I noticed hundreds of tiny blue thumbprints on the sand and up the rocky cliffs. I quickly raced back to the van for the macro lens, which I might add hasn’t seen the light of day for some time, peeled off my dripping shoes and socks and returned to the beach.

Any personal trainer would have been proud of my horizontal efforts to photograph what I have since learned are Velella or By-the-wind sailors. These ones were about the size of my fingernail and they are the same colour as a Blue Bottle or Portuguese Man O War. Technically they are not jellyfish and they sail the seas using their tiny inbuilt sail. I had heard of them but had never been lucky enough to see them, until now.

Now that is a dream come true.

Velella and a Blue Bottle on the rock face

20 thoughts on “Sometimes it pays to get out of bed

  1. This looks suspiciously like our Anglesey, moored a short distance off North West Wales. The original inhabitants (I mean the original settler inhabitants) must have felt quite at home if they came from there.


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